BerlinWind offers independent expertise on wind energy focusing on the optimization of wind turbine performance. For many years, we have been working successfully in the wind turbine industry, helping our clients to make the operation of wind turbines more profitable.

Our employees are world-renowned experts in dynamic rotor balancing and technical consulting. We have measured more than 2000 wind turbines from more than 20 manufacturers, both onshore and offshore. Therefore, our clients benefit from the vast knowledge of all types of wind turbines. We are internationally experienced, with references around the globe, working close together with wind turbine manufacturers, owners and operators.

Our extensive in-house Research and Development department has developed high precision measuring systems for rotor imbalance measurement, laser-based blade contour measurement and camera-based blade angle measurement, as well as customized load measurement systems with more than 100 channels.

BerlinWind has an excellent network in the wind industry and is an active member of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) and its workgroups on turbine lifetime extension.

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Our Services

BerlinWind employees are renowned experts for dynamic rotor balancing and technical consulting. Clients benefit from our excellent knowledge and our vast portfolio of services for all types of wind turbines.

Dynamic Rotor Balancing

Our vibration analysis deter-mines the mass and aero-dynamic imbalance and will lead to a significant reduction of your wind turbine vibrations and fatigue level.

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Blade Angle Measurement

Our high-precision, optical measuring method (camera- or laser-based) allows us to determine blade angle misa-lignments (relative/absolute) with an accuracy of 0.1°.

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Camera-based Measurement

Our camera-based methods allow us to precisely measure movements of turbine struc-tures (tower/nacelle/blades) with high-resolution, sub-pixel accurate motion tracking.

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Our engineers measure and analyse the actual structural loads on the tower and com-ponents. Additionally we can compile and assess all rele-vant load spectra.

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Drive-Train Balancing

Our in-house measuring sys-tem allows us to assess the level and location of mass imbalance (single- or multi-plane) at the fast shaft side. Generator rotor balancing.

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Technical Consulting

BerlinWind offers independent expertise on technical con-sulting and root cause anal-ysis. We have excellent know-ledge of all types of turbines and its structure mechanics.

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Our Products

Many wind turbines have damaging vibration problems, caused by increased vibrations due to rotor imbalance. This situation leads to the accelerated wear of components and causing increased repair costs and loss of revenue. Potentially damaging imbalances are diagnosed quickly and reliably using our measuring system BalancingBox.

Our BalancingBox is a plug-and-use in-situ measuring system to check wind turbines for rotor imbalance by vibration measurements. The Balancing Box is used in combination with the software BalancingTest which takes the user step-by-step through the measuring campaign. Individual measuring conditions are specified for each wind turbine type and configuration in order to assure comparable measurement results. The on-site evaluation of the measurements includes a comparison of the measured vibration level with specified limiting values.

The rough on-site working conditions of wind turbine service staff were especially considered in the development of the Balancing Box. Therefore, after a training course on the vibration measurement, they are able to check on their own the wind turbines for rotor imbalances.

Balancing Box

Our BerlinWind BalancingBox examines the integral value of rotor imbalances. In combi-nation with our F&E-software BalancingTest we can accu-rately determine the overall turbine's vibration level.

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Our Achievements

Today, more and more technical issues occur during wind turbine operation. These are among others due to shorter design cycles (due to market pressure and competition) and smaller safety factors chosen in course of the design (saving of material).

BerlinWind offers independent expertise and precise root cause analysis for arising technical issues. We serve our clients with well directed troubleshooting on problematic turbines and clear advices for optimisation or further development of wind turbines. BerlinWind’s staff has excellent knowledge of all types of wind turbines especially in the areas of rotor dynamics and structural mechanics.

Our experts have been involved in many international projects, helping our clients not only to identify the root causes of technical issues but to develop individual and sustainable solutions for technical issues of wind turbines.










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